A New Yag-Laser – Permanent Hair Removal Technique

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Using the most recent laser technology is now the most effective approach to eliminate hair. In order to target and remove the hair root, these lasers operate by emitted light pulses that transmit heat energy to the hair. By doing this, hair renewal is stopped.

What Is It?

A solid-state laser with a particular wavelength is the Nd: YAG laser, which produces high-energy light pulses. The neodymium-doped yttrium-aluminum garnet crystal utilized to produce the light pulses serves as the inspiration for the laser’s name. The wavelength of the laser is specifically chosen to target particular colors and structures, enabling precise therapy without causing harm to neighboring tissues or blood vessels.

The invisible infrared light that the Q-switched laser generates has a wavelength of 1064 nm and is readily absorbed by the body’s melanin. Darker skin tones, where hairs tend to be thicker and the hair root lies deeper in the skin, make it the perfect option for those with those complexion tones. To reach these deeply embedded hair roots, the Nd: YAG laser may pierce the skin up to 5 mm deep.

A Laser Treatment: How Does It Work?

The natural pigment melanin, which may be found in hair, absorbs light pulses that the Nd: YAG laser generates. The light is then sent by melanin to the hair root, where it is transformed into thermal energy that permanently damages the hair follicles and cells, limiting future hair growth. Because of how the laser’s wavelength works, surrounding tissue and blood vessels are spared during therapy, and only the hair root is affected. As the applicator is moved over the skin throughout the procedure, there can be a minor tingling or prickling sensation. The skin may momentarily become reddish after treatment, although this normally goes away within two to three days.

Prior to Laser Therapy

Before having laser hair removal, it is advised to diminish any existing tan in order to minimize negative treatment responses. This is because the skin’s melanin could react aggressively and might result in negative side effects. To achieve this, it is suggested to stay away from sources of intense UV rays for three to four weeks before treatment and to apply sunblock with an SPF of 50.

Avoiding hair removal techniques like epilation, bleaching, waxing, plucking, or depilation with depilatory lotion is also crucial for good hair removal. It is advised to shave the targeted area of the body one day before treatment. It’s crucial to completely wash the skin of any makeup before receiving a facial treatment.

The Laser Treatment After

In addition, it’s crucial to protect the skin from the sun during and for a few weeks after treatment. After receiving laser therapy, there is a chance that the skin will become more susceptible to UV light.

Our TLS staff can offer advice if you’re considering permanent hair removal. We can design a specialized treatment program for your unique skin and hair types.

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