All You Need To Know About Depilatory Creams

Woman applying depilatory cream on her legs

For ages, people have been shaving off extra hair. Although hair removal has been used since ancient Egypt, current methods include depilatory creams.

There are several unpleasant ways to get rid of unsightly body hair: It can hurt to get waxed. Tiny nicks on your skin from shaving can irritate and hurt you.

Depilatory creams, fortunately, can provide painless hair removal that you can apply at home.

What Are Decongestant Creams?

These creams are viscous liquids that you apply to your skin.

You must apply a depilatory lotion to your skin and keep it on for a few minutes to weaken each hair follicle. The lotion may then be easily removed, leaving your skin smooth and silky.

Thioglycolic acid is the primary active component of creams used for hair removal. This thioglycolic acid is added in both its pure form as well as different salts including potassium and calcium thioglycolates. These acids dissolve the keratin, a protein found naturally in hair, when combined with other substances.

Almost every part of your body may be hair-free thanks to depilatory products. For sensitive areas like your face and bikini line, certain lotions are especially formulated.

When you use a depilatory lotion to remove your hair, it will come back swiftly. In a few days, new hair will often grow in.

Advantages of Depilatory Creams

Shaving and depilatory lotions are both painless ways to remove hair at home. Both techniques eliminate hair from the skin’s top layer.

Depilatory creams leave less papules and skin lesions than shaving since they don’t irritate the skin. Compared to minor cuts and nicks with a blade, the irritation from hair removal lotion often subsides more quickly.

Making Use of Depilatory Creams Safely

Execute a patch test

Prior to using a depilatory lotion, be sure your skin won’t react negatively to it. Before using any such cream to a big area of your body, test it first on a tiny piece of skin. In general, remove the cream as soon as you experience burning by rinsing it off with cool water.

Make sure it is the appropriate one

Make sure the lotion you use can be applied to the region where you have unwanted hair. Some formulations are more potent than others, and they could be too harsh for delicate places. On any inflamed or injured skin, avoid using it.

Keep track of the time

 The majority of hair removal creams are designed to be kept on for three to ten minutes. For precise advice on how long to leave your cream on, read the directions on the container.

It should be rinsed

Remove the cream when the specified amount of time has passed, then rinse your skin with cool water. The skin’s first sensitivity is typical. Within a few hours, this sensation should go.


Afterward, any discomfort can be soothed with a cream. Use an unscented moisturising lotion on dry areas of your skin. Use of fragrant items is strongly advised.

Chemical burns are drawbacks of depilatory creams

The hair is melted by chemicals in depilatory lotions. You could get a chemical burn as a result of this.

When hair removal cream is used for a lengthy period of time, first-, second-, or third-degree burns may result. Due of the delicate skin there, the groyne area has the highest chance of experiencing it.

Burns from chemicals are painful and require medical treatment. Make sure to apply the cream on the skin type it is intended for and to keep it on for the recommended period of time to avoid these. ‌

Use depilatory creams as directed, but remove the lotion as soon as you experience any burning or irritation and wash your skin with cool water.


Depilatory creams have a distinct odour that is sometimes compared to that of rotten eggs, as you may have noticed. This is a result of the cream’s and your hair’s chemical interaction.

The fragrance of hair removal lotion is something that manufacturers are working to alter. By including more enticing ones, they also attempt to cover up the stink.

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