Are At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Really Worth It?

A woman getting IPL treatment on her arm

Every year at this time, we all begin to think about getting rid of our hair with lasers. Yet though summer hasn’t even begun, you’re already annoyed by how much hair upkeep is necessary. We’re back to using lasers after frantic Google searches for various hair removal methods. Having said that, we can see your reluctance. Waxing and shaving provide effects right away, but laser hair removal—whether performed at home or at a doctor’s office—requires numerous sessions and often has a hefty price tag. Pain considerations aside. All of this begs the question: What is the best use of your money? Here is what we discovered after performing the calculations for you.

Benefits Cost

Although there will be an initial investment of $250–$500, overall cost-effectiveness is substantially higher. For instance, the typical cost of a professional session for both legs is $400. It is advised that you schedule six to eight appointments, thus using an at-home device might result in a total cost reduction of about $2,000 for the procedure. It’s a lot of money. As it is incredibly quick and simple to use, the Silk’n Flash&Go Express is a great place to start. We adore the $549 LumaRx Pro, which includes an exclusive Precision Treatment Cap attachment with a narrower window that is perfect for facial contours and can be used on both the face and the body.

Staying Power

For the greatest outcomes, the LumaRx Pro may remove 94 percent of hair in as few as three treatments. Participants, on average, had 66 percent less hairs after three treatments when they were examined a year later. If used once a week for seven weeks, the Illuminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System, which costs $445, claims to be able to remove hair by up to 94 percent (the same amount of sessions a professional course averagely recommends). A home session costs $64 in total, which is far less than a professional visit. In addition, it enables you to perform touch-ups on your own as necessary rather than paying a premium to hire a specialist.


1.     Accuracy

It’s naturally challenging to use at-home laser equipment as precisely as a professional does. This is similar to at-home waxing, where you may discover hair tufts you missed.

2.   Time-consuming

Using at-home devices requires more than simply fiddling with precision; also, each treatment requires longer sessions due to self-inflicted pain. Don’t overlook this factor. You can discover that you need to take many pauses rather than having a specialist assist you push through it.

3.   Commitment

We advise you to think carefully before making a commitment to an at-home laser hair removal device if your medicine cabinet resembles a graveyard full of half-used cosmetics and broken gadgets. You must use them for seven weeks straight, at least once every week, to notice effects.

4.   Skin Safety

Because at-home devices are less advanced than in-office lasers, darker skin types may not be safe to use them. You should constantly be mindful of the top danger, which is the chance of burning.

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