Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Of 2022

Getting treatments for better skin.

Looking young has never been easier to achieve than it is in the 21st century. This incredible status of the times we live in has been granted by the cutting-edge continuously developing technologies that studded the beauty industry. 


We all want to look our best, however, to do so and not damage our health in the process is something that doctors and scientists strive to attain. In 2022, it seems that there’s no better time to try a skin rejuvenation treatment. 


Let’s dive into some of the top-tier skin rejuvenation therapies of 2022. 


1. Dermaplaning 

Easily one of the most popular treatments in the USA, dermaplaning has risen the bar quite high in the field of skin rejuvenation. Being both affordable to most wallets and quick to show visible results, dermaplaning is expected to stand the test of time. 

The technology implies using a surgical scalpel that smoothly exfoliates the skin, which gives a softer, more youthful appearance to the derma. The treatment encourages skin cell regrowth by removing fine vellus hair and the top layer of skin. 

Dermaplaning is known to finely improve facial skin tissue and reduce the amount of dirt and oils that get trapped, thus allowing you to achieve better skin health.


2. Automated pen microneedling

One of the most highly sought-after technologies in the present, automated pen microneedling is a gentle skin rejuvenation treatment that may fully change the health of your skin. The procedure focuses on the natural wound healing process of the skin which stops forming of wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. Another property of the treatment is that it helps with the absorption of active skincare ingredients allowing the skin to get firmer and brighter.

The pen device is very handy too and easy to use due to the simplicity of the design. It also grants flexibility of needle length and different speeds to adapt the treatment to your individual needs. 

2. No needle mesotherapy

Today needle phobia is no longer a concern of clients who want a younger look to their skin. The treatment is very similar to other more intrusive skin procedures concerning the results. The procedure, however, is utterly different, by using high-frequency waves which allow the client to experience much less pain than other treatments do. 

Along with the ultrasound technology, the treatment includes a vast range of mesotherapeutical active ingredients for skin rejuvenation. The high-frequency waves stimulate the dermal layers which allow the skin to absorb the composition of active ingredients and generally detoxify the skin.

4. Photorejuvenation

Intense pulsed light treatments have been extensively used in the past decades for a wide array of skin therapies, however, photorejuvenation may be one of the most useful of them.

The treatment has become very effective in treating extended skin conditions resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light (UV). 

By trying to reverse skin concerns related to photoaging, photorejuvenation mainly aims at treating hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and spots caused by continuous exposure to the sun.


Do you want to look younger and have healthy skin? Get your skin to rejuvenate!