Do Tattoos Get Ruined by Laser Hair Removal

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Nowadays, people all around the world are seeking methods to manage their time more effectively as life appears to grow more and busier. Getting rid of extra hair is without a doubt one of the everyday duties that takes up the most time. Shaving, waxing, plucking, and other hair removal techniques not only take up several hours each week, but they may also get rather expensive to maintain. Fortunately, laser hair removal provides patients with a quick, permanent, and drastically different option to reclaim valuable time each day and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

With tattoos becoming more and more common, it is reasonable that many laser hair removal patients wonder how the procedure could impact their artwork and whether it is even viable to have it done. For all of your questions to be answered, continue reading.

Can someone with tattoos receive laser hair removal?

Tattooed patients are undoubtedly suitable for laser hair removal, but there are a few things you should know before getting the procedure. First and foremost, the region where a tattoo is present cannot be treated with laser hair removal. There is no problem if a patient wants to undergo laser hair removal for their legs but has an arm tattoo. However, it will be far more difficult if a patient wants to get laser hair removal on their chest and has a tattoo running across their chest.

The lasers’ potent and cutting-edge technology specifically targets pigmentation found deep inside the hairs to harm and kill the follicles. When a tattooed region is exposed to the laser, the pigment in the ink is targeted, which causes significant skin damage, burning, and agony. While laser hair removal near a tattoo is still feasible and secure, the technician will cover the tattoo while doing the procedure. Patients seeking laser hair removal with tattoos should be realistic in their expectations and aware that only the surrounding skin may be treated around the inked region. The majority of patients continue to be quite happy with their outcomes and continue shaving or using other hair removal techniques to remove the few hairs that still grow over their tattoos.

Tattoos: Can they be removed with a laser?

Many customers who want to get rid of their tattoos wonder if laser hair removal would accomplish two goals at once. Unfortunately, this is not the case since laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal employ quite distinct technology.

Patients who are thinking about laser hair removal and getting rid of tattoos are advised to start with tattoo removal. This will eventually enable a larger region to be treated with laser hair removal. Your doctor and his laser team will create a treatment plan specifically for you at your initial appointment to ensure that you get the finest outcomes.

How long-lasting is laser hair removal?

One of the best methods for achieving significant, long-lasting hair reduction is laser hair removal. To receive the best results, most patients require 4–5 therapy sessions spaced 3–4 weeks apart. This makes sure that hairs are treated when they are actively growing, rather than when they are dormant. While some hair follicles that have had therapy may be permanently damaged, others may be resistant and need more treatments. Patients may occasionally have a few follicles that never completely disappear. However, most people who have laser hair removal are able to significantly reduce the thickness, growth rate, and density of their hair, which they may keep for a very long time.

Do I have a chance of success with laser hair removal?

Patients who want to undergo laser hair removal should:

  •       Possess a healthy body
  •       No smoking
  •       Possess fair, tan, or dark complexion and hair
  •       Have unwelcome facial or body hair
  •       Aspire to long-lasting effects

Though practically everyone may obtain a major reduction in hair growth with the state-of-the-art lasers, individuals with lighter complexion and darker hair often notice quicker results and need fewer treatment sessions than other patients. Get your appointment fixed with your consultant to see the best results in no time. 

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