Enjoy Family Trip to Fellows Lake

Fish on the Fishing Rod Hook

Fellows Lake, an 820-acre water supply reservoir, is owned by City Utilities of Springfield and is situated 10 miles north of Springfield close to Highway 65. It was created in 1955 after the Little Sac River was dammed. Later, in 1991, this earthen dam was changed. Consider visiting stunning Fellows Lake if you reside close to Springfield, Missouri, or are passing through the region.

History of Fellows Lake

It was created in 1955 after the Little Sac River was dammed. Later, in 1991, this earthen dam was changed. Excellent recreational options, including sailing, fishing, picnicking, waterfowl hunting, and boating, are offered by Fellows Lake in the Springfield region.

A excellent spot to walk, cycle, sail, paddle, and fish is Fellows Lake. Hundreds of outdoor enthusiasts travel to this undiscovered Ozarks beauty every weekend.

Enjoy Fishing at Fellows Lake

The lake is most recognised for being a home for Muskellunge (Muskie). With infrequently caught Muskies topping 50 inches, the lake is becoming into one of southern Missouri’s top Muskellunge fisheries.

The big mouth bass population is also healthy, and the walleye fishing should be excellent. Crappie and catfish round out this fishery’s diversity. Anglers with special needs can use a handicapped-accessible dock on the lake’s northeast arm. For storing boats, there are two large boat docks and one marina that is open all year. Before launching any watercraft, a 40 horsepower boat motor limitation and an annual boat permit are necessary. At the yacht marina, these licences may be acquired.

Hunting Experience

Duck hunters had a chance to hone their skills and catch some birds at Fellows Lake. Hunting is allowed on the lake’s south arm, and blinds are supplied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Family Gatherings

There are several public spaces around Fellows Lake that are available to the Springfield community for gathering with friends, having a lovely picnic, or having a barbeque. The park that encircles the lake to the north has a sizable pavilion and a sizable open grassy space ideal for kite flying. The Springfield RC Club manages a tiny 50-yard remote aircraft field that is situated about a mile north of the lake.

Some new additions have made it more desirable such as new pathways for mountain biking and trekking which cover a total area of about 25 kilometers. The brand-new, ADA-compliant dock is finished and operational. From March 1 through October 31st, the Fellows Lake Store is open seven days a week from sunrise to dusk and is situated at the top of the hill from the pier. Stop in to receive your boat licenses, hire a boat, and trade while stocking beverages, snacks, light gear, and worms.

With such additions and the already present facilities at the Fellows Lake, you will surely have a great family time with your loved ones. In a world surrounded with immense isolation and social distancing, having an experience to share memories with your loved ones is in itself a blessing. Visit this place to feel elevated. 

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