Here Are Some Midwesterners Know To Be True Facts

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Only one area of the US experiences traffic jams frequently brought on by tractors on the road, and weekends are spent floating down rivers and shopping at Walmart.

Middle America has long been seen as a flyover nation, with more cornfields than large cities and mom-and-pop stores than Fortune 500 firms. Hear it from us, a native of tiny Ohio: the Twelve states that together make up the Midwest have such a richer culture than most people realise.

The driveway of our one grocery store serves as a regular gathering area, and Weekends out in the Midwest typically involve a football game between high schools. Porch sitting is a completely acceptable and popular past time.

The 2017 Usa Census shows that this region is home to around 21% of the country’s population, and that figure is rising. According to a recent article in The Daily Beast, Millennials are giving up their ambitions of living in a large metropolis in favour of  Minneapolis, Kansas City, and other places with cheaper housing costs.

The “breadbasket” of America is changing significantly, as seen by the surge of 20- and 30-somethings, yet some Midwest customs remain deeply rooted. Here are six ways in which the Midwest is unique from the rest of the nation.

The Inhabitants Are Very Kind

Some stereotypes are founded on outright falsehoods. But the notion that Midwesterners are uncomfortably nice has some merit. In a 2013 research, the University of Cambridge evaluated the personality qualities of over 1.5 million individuals and discovered that Midwesterners had somewhat high levels of extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

People in the so-called heartland wave and smile at everyone they pass, whether they are acquaintances or complete strangers, on sidewalks and in grocery store aisles. They’ll even arrive at your house with a homemade casserole if they notice a damaged car in the driveway or hear of a death in the family, speaking from personal experience.

The Weather Is Intense and Erratic

In L.a., one might dress a summer dress almost every day without ever having to quickly pack an umbrella. Those from the Midwest, on the other hand, seldom know whether to don a coat, poncho, or crop top.

The atmosphere might vary every day or even every hour.

Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, and St. Paul are among the top ten US cities with the most erratic weather, and they are all in the Midwest.

It’s nearly always severe weather, no matter what. Without seas to moderate temperature, summers are prone to be oppressively hot and winters are very chilly.

Midwesterners Never Stop Coming up With Fresh Ways To Have Fun

Even though research from the University of Cambridge found that the West and East Coasts scored higher on the creative scale, anybody who spent up in the Midwest would definitely agree that it needs creativity to have fun there.

Cornhole reigns supreme on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer. Nights out frequently involve campfire parties, Euchre tournaments, and late-night visits to Walmart.

The Pace of Life May Be Slower, but It Is Not Any Smaller

Many Midwesterners appear to have the correct idea when it comes to work-life balance. That doesn’t imply, however, that Americans living in the Midwest, whether city or rural residents, have less ambition than those who live along the coast.

Jeremiah Owyang, the creator of Crowd Companies, conducted a survey of his network of Midwesterners to find out what they value most in a workplace.

After compiling their comments, he claimed in VentureBeat that the Midwest and Silicon Valley both value putting in a lot of effort. Midwesterners’ modest honesty and sincere desire to help others might serve as a model for Silicon Valley.

Stress is also reduced by living more slowly. According to a study released early this year by WalletHub, four of the top 5 states with the highest stress levels were located in the Midwest: North Carolina, Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota.

More Space Is Available for Movement

Perhaps because they have greater breathing room, Midwesterners are less anxious. Wyoming, for instance, does have the lowest number per sq mile of any territory in the contiguous US, with only six individuals, compared to New Jersey, which comes in second on the list behind Washington, D.C., which tops it with a staggering 11,377 people per square mile.

Not everyone enjoys viewing expansive wheat fields and endless rows of corn, but Midwesterners have plenty of room because of this.

In the Midwest, a Dollar Is More Valuable

Although the Midwest has traditionally been praised for its wide-open areas, it may not be able to keep up that image for very long. Because it’s more inexpensive, more people are moving to the area.

In terms of housing costs and cost of living, Ohio is the least costly state to live in. The ten most cheap states to reside in also included Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

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