How to lose weight fast: ready, steady, balance!

Ways to lose weight fast

One may say that losing weight rapidly is the result of intense starvation and strenuous dietary effort, however, most of the time, these are just a pathway to an extensive list of health problems. Unexpectedly, fast weight loss usually ties itself to a balanced mindset and diet and with a spoonful of self-control and focused effort, you can get in the shape you want in no time. Here we discuss a few healthy, balanced methods to lose weight fast!

1.   Mindful Meals

Haven’t you caught yourself watching Netflix and having a snack for the entire screening? Sometimes we tend to eat more than our body needs. If you take a closer look at your grandparents, rarely do they seem distracted from their meals. This habit of paying attention to the food you ingest may have a surprising effect on your weight, which is actually eating just the right amount of food.

Steps to mindful eating:

  •   Leave your gadgets on the countertop, far from the dining area
  •   Turn off the Tv (you can replace it with some classical music to fill the air)
  •   Have your meal in a dining area (especially not in bed!)
  •   Choose nourishing food, rich in vitamins and minerals
  •   Cut off sugar, sodium and bad fats from your diet

2.   Protein-based breakfast

Losing weight faster is always about eating smarter and being aware of what are the resources you get from the food on your plate.

Since breakfast is the most important meal in the day, it should also give you a full stack of energy for the day. To achieve this, try eating protein-based food for breakfast, which can go vegan:

  •   quinoa,
  •   nuts,
  •   oat or chia seeds

and non-vegan alike:

  •   eggs,
  •   meat,
  •   sardines

These alternatives reduce your appetite which really can become the villain in your diet’s tale.

3.   Fighting psychological barriers

Sometimes difficulties in fast weight loss have to do with food, other times, though, they become a stress management problem. When you feel like you have already tried everything, followed closely every diet, or measured each nutrient you ingested, issues with weight loss may have a different origin.

Especially when it comes to stress, appetite is one direct target of high cortisol levels, directing a preference toward potentially harmful nutrients, such as carbohydrates. This way, it becomes paramount to tackle stress and learn to respond to it without impulsive eating which ultimately takes a toll on our goals of losing weight.

Fighting high cortisol and stress can get quite easy when you learn a few tips and tricks to follow in a balanced lifestyle:

  •   Exercising outdoor, taking walks in the park, admiring nature
  •   Taking breathing lesson for better control of the respiratory processes
  •   Immersing in meditative activities, such as yoga, art therapy or plain meditation

All in all, getting fast on the track you want means acting fast toward that objective. We now that balance brings order and through an orderly life we can achieve anything we aspire to, even a perfectly healthy, fit body.

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