Ionic Foot Detox

Novel Ways To Explore Beauty

Client getting ionic foot detox

While beauty has always been a central pursuit of humankind, being aesthetically pleasing has never been more attainable than in the 21st century. Due to us caring so much about our health and looks, science and the industry worked together to create new better ways to achieve our goals. Some of the time, though, the industry runs faster than scientific data does, and experiments are late to beauty parties. 


Ionic foot detox is one party science is late at but people seem to love the technology to the bits. Why? It works. This article explores the different layers of ion detoxification foot bath for anyone who may want to try it.

Is it just another spa treatment? Clearly, not

Ions are early players in the beauty industry, however, ionic baths are quite novel and creative when it comes to body therapy. The idea of ion foot bath is that it could help eliminate toxins from the body coming from polluted air, chemicals from different home cleaning solutions, and even beauty products. 

It’s paramount to remove toxins because not only do they damage the tissue and could give you unwanted skin conditions but they also prevent your body from producing immune cells. Generally, toxins are the worst to take in. 

How does this spa invention work? 

This technology aims at pulling the toxins out of your body tissues by ionizing the foot water bath. The procedure is completely harmless, unintrusive, and relaxing, just like stopping at a spa resort, except this time you can do it in the comfort and convenience of your nest. 

Furthermore, the process instilled by the ionizing machine gives a positive charge to the hydrogen in the water which then attracts the negatively charged toxins in your body. It’s just like Ying-Yang, but cozier. 

The engineers behind the product knew that ions could bind to any heavy metals and toxins in our bodies due to their positive charge. They also ingeniously placed the entire procedure around the feet, because we all know how relaxing a foot bath really is. 


How do you know you need it?

It’s hard not to need it, even harder not to crave it when you live and work in the hustle and bustle of polluted cities. Modern living implies continuously absorbing toxins through all sorts of means that you can’t even prevent. 

All that remains to be done is finding a cover for this toxin bath – maybe trying an ion detoxification foot bath in place. You decide. 


Are there any risks?

It’s all about balance, in the end. Sometimes, spending too much time in an ion foot detoxification bath may cause dizziness and even nausea. This way, if you decide to purchase the machine and use it at home, make sure to carefully read the instructions before dipping your feet in, tempting as it may be.

When suffering from severe conditions, such as diabetes, consult a doctor before trying the technology. 

Do you want to get rid of those toxins?