Jordan Valley Ice Park

Men playing ice hockey

A remarkable jewel in the neighbourhood, Jordan Valley Ice Park is located near Springfield, Missouri. For people of all ages and experience levels, this cutting-edge facility provides a variety of activities. There is something for everyone at Jordan Valley Ice Park, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional.

This park’s large, meticulously kept rink is one of its most notable features. Skaters delight in skating on the ice because it is always flawlessly smooth. The seating is also all around the rink, so you may take a break and unwind while watching other skaters. If you don’t have a pair of skates, you may still have fun at the park because it also provides skate rental.

Activities at Jordan Valley Park

Jordan Valley Ice Park provides a range of workshops and activities for people of all ages in addition to open skating sessions. No matter what level you are at now, the park offers knowledgeable teachers who can help you develop your abilities. There is a program for everyone, whether you want to learn to skate, play ice hockey, or figure skate. Throughout the year, the park also hosts a number of special events and contests where you may test your skating prowess and compare yourself to other skaters.

Amenities at Jordan Valley Park

The amenities at Jordan Valley Ice Park are another fantastic aspect. The park offers a warm, welcoming lobby area with ample room for lounging, comfy chairs, and a snack stand. You may have a birthday party or other special occasion in the park’s private, cozy rooms, which are also available for private rental. The park also includes a well-stocked pro store where you can buy skates, gear, and extras.

The team is always eager to assist, whether you want aid with skate rental, have inquiries about a program or lesson, or simply need some pointers on how to enhance your abilities.

Time to Visit

You are welcome to visit the Jordan Valley Ice Park whenever you’d like because it is always open in Springfield, Missouri. However, the greatest time to visit if you’re interested in ice skating is from late fall to early spring, which is when peak skating season normally lasts. There is always something going on because the park offers a complete calendar of public skating sessions, lessons, and special events during this period. Check the park’s calendar to see if there are any ice hockey or figure skating events or competitions scheduled for the day you plan to attend. It’s a good idea to check the park’s website or phone ahead before going because the hours may change on holidays or in poor weather.

For those who enjoy ice skating, Jordan Valley Ice Park in Springfield, Missouri, is a must-visit location. There isn’t a better spot to enjoy this well-liked winter pastime than at our big, well-maintained rink, which also offers a range of courses, special events, and activities. Therefore, visit Jordan Valley Ice Park right away if you’re seeking an entertaining and interesting method to pass the time.

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