Just North of Springfield, Lost Hill Park Is Waiting To Be Discovered

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North of Springfield as we move along South Dry Sac River, Lost Hill Park is a 60-acre natural resource area featuring remarkable natural features such caves, cliffs, and arches as well as woodland and prairie. If you want to learn more about Lost Hill Park, visit here.

How Lost Hill Park Got Its Name

According to Jenny Edwards, the park’s public information officer, the South Sac River’s part that used to flow through the region in an oxbow—a peculiar geological feature that gives a river the appearance of a U-shaped lake or pool—is where Lost Hill Park gets its name. The park’s name comes from a “lost hill” that the river left behind when it altered to its current route. The South Dry Sac Riverbank Natural Area, which runs parallel to the Fulbright Spring Greenway Trail, is the park’s major draw. There are various spots to relax in this 60-acre park, have a picnic, and take in the crisp autumn air.

History of Lost Hill Park

The South Dry Sac River changed its course, leaving the lost hill, which is about 60 feet tall and 200 feet wide, surrounded by a floodplain. The 60-acre park also has a few oxbow lakes, caverns, sinkholes, and natural arches.

Prior to Dan Kinney, a former parks director, taking action to protect the area’s natural beauty from development, the land had been held by 19 members of the Owen family since the early 1900s.

The park board had the funds to pay $1.46 million to Jack Owen’s family trust in 2004 after voters approved a tax issue in 2001. The Owen family property was transformed into the park jewel it is today at an additional expenditure of almost $500,000.

Along with the meandering paths that follow the South Dry Sac and the Fulbright Spring Greenway, the park board also built a paved parking lot, a small playground, and picnic spaces. However, it did manage to save intact some of the Owen family history, such as a farmhouse, barn, and Civil War-era cemetery.

Astounding Features

The numerous distinctive features of Lost Hill Park make it such a wonderful place to visit. You’ll see cliffs, arches, prairies, and forest land as you wander around the park. Old farm structures, a number of caverns, and the trailhead for the Fulbright Spring Greenway are all there. The U.S. Department of Interior designated that gorgeous 6-mile trail a National Recreation Park in 2022.

Enjoy the sound of dry autumn leaves crunching beneath your hiking boots as you interact with cyclists, strollers, runners, and walkers on the park’s accessible route.

You will undoubtedly enjoy a wonderful family time with your loved ones thanks to these enhancements and the park’s already-existing amenities. It is a blessing in and of itself to be able to share memories with your loved ones in a society when social distance and extreme isolation are the norm. For an upgraded experience, go here.

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