Laser Hair Removal: What do you need to know about it?

Getting to know more about hair laser removal.

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures around the world. It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment in the follicles absorbs the light and destroys the hair, causing it to be burned cleanly off.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Unwanted hair can be removed with lasers from several places, including the arms and face.

Certain Benefits Include:

  • Lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. 
  • Several hairs can be treated simultaneously with each laser pulse, which lasts just a fraction of a second.
  • After an average of three to seven sessions, the majority of patients have permanent hair loss.

Pre-requisites for a Laser Hair Removal

Medical training is necessary for laser hair removal, which also poses some danger. You should carefully review the doctor’s or technician’s credentials before obtaining laser hair removal. Six weeks before treatment, you should avoid waxing, electrolysis, and hair removal by plucking.

Additionally, the doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to get ready for laser hair removal. These could consist of:

  • Avoiding the sunlight. Whenever possible, avoid the sun both before and after treatment. Apply a broad-spectrum, SPF30 sunscreen before going outside every time.
  • Making your skin lighter. Steer clear of any sunless skin care products that darken your skin. If you have a recent tan or darker skin, your doctor may also advise using a skin whitening cream.
  • Avoiding other hair removal techniques. The hair follicle should not be disturbed by electrolysis, waxing, or plucking for at least four weeks before treatment.
  • Avoiding drugs that thin the blood.

What to anticipate with laser hair removal

Your hair will be cut to a few millimeters above the skin’s surface right before the treatment. 20–30 minutes before the laser process, a topical numbing agent is given. The technician will pulse light into the therapy region and then monitor it for a while.

You can be given ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, or cold water after the treatment to relieve any pain. Four to six weeks may pass before your next appointment for therapy.

Risks and Recovery

Moisturizers and cool compresses could be helpful. Scarring that lasts a lifetime or skin color changes are uncommon. For the next month, wear sunscreen to help avoid any short-term changes in the color of the treated skin.

Cost related to laser hair removal

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that the average cost of laser hair removal per session in 2020 will be $389. The price varies significantly based on various elements, such as:

  • The size of the treatment area and the treatment time needed
  • The number of treatments needed
  • Whether a medical professional is conducting the surgery or not
  • The region of the country where the treatment will be performed
  • To obtain a better idea of the price for your specific instance, request a consultation.

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