Massage for Contouring

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Any kind of body massage is wonderful, but picture a shaping massage that targets cellulite, aids in weight loss, and is completely natural. It certainly sounds fantastic.

How does a contouring massage work?

Technically referred to as Lyposage, this non-invasive body shaping or weight reduction massage. To break down cellulite and toxins, this personalised massage employs certain strokes. Consider it a blend of myofascial massage, deep lymphatic massage, and physical therapy. These entail exerting pressure on contracted muscles and the collagen of the skin.

It is done on the upper body and lower body (hips, buttocks, lower back, thighs, and lower abdomen) (the face, neck, head, arms, and chest). This massage is being given by a qualified, licenced therapist who has received Lypossage-specific training.

The advantages of a weight-loss massage

Many individuals retain fluid, and this body shaping massage aids in moving the lymphatic fluid that fuels cellulite, reducing its appearance. Additionally, it helps the body remove toxins, which may result in weight reduction. Inches will be lost as well. It also tones your body and enhances the tone and flexibility of your skin.

The parts of your body you wish to focus on will determine how long your session will go and how many treatments you’ll require. The therapy, however, consists of a series of 18 sessions spread over a period of 6 to 9 weeks, with a minimum of two sessions per week, and sessions normally last for around 30 minutes. If you want to keep your results after you accomplish your goal, you could think about getting maintenance treatments every month or every two months.

Massage for Contouring at Home

We’re looking for new methods to create moments of relaxation since self-care is more crucial than ever and beauty treatments are restricted to what can be done at home. A cosmetic skill worth mastering is lymphatic drainage massage, a method favoured by celebrities for its shaping results. Fortunately, we have a professional to walk us through a DIY method.

A type of massage called lymphatic drainage purports to stimulate the lymph’s normal outflow, which aids in the body’s removal of waste. The intention is to transfer the fluid into the lymph nodes, where dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other germs are eliminated, and away from the tissues.

A regular weekly lymphatic drainage session, according to the expert, may boost your immune system, aid in the reduction of cellulite, and elevate your mood.

Assemble all the components

You can use whatever oil or cream you have to self-drain. The expert suggests giving your arms, legs, and stomachs a home massage up to three or four times a week. One or two times a week is sufficient when performed by an expert, although everybody differs.

The Treatment

To start the drainage, stand in front of the mirror and push on the region right below your collarbones. Then, using your right hand and vice versa, push the armpit three times each. Next, continue lightly moving across the arms from elbow to shoulder, then repeat on the opposite side. Press your palms down flat into the region between your hip bones to massage the stomach. Make five circular motions around the navel button with your hands overlapping.

Once the skin is just beginning to become pink, continue to pressure the entire stomach region for about a minute.

Start with the inguinal nodes in the groyne to drain the lower part of the body. Input three presses. Then, slide your hands 8 times from the knee up while maintaining a closed fist. Following that, pinch the back of the knee three times and make 10 hand slides from the foot back to the knee.

Verify Appropriate After Care

The entire procedure should take between 15 and 20 minutes, but aftercare is arguably the most crucial step. putting hydration first for 48 hours after treatment to encourage drainage minimising intake of salt, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and other irritants while keeping in mind that we are all just human No need to be fixated.

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