Painful Laser Hair Removal

Client getting armpit laser hair removal

A frequent cosmetic technique used to permanently remove hair is laser hair removal. It functions by momentarily stopping hair follicles from growing new hair.

The effects of laser treatments might endure for a number of weeks even if this hair removal approach isn’t totally permanent. Additionally, this procedure may be perfect for body parts that are challenging to wax or shave.

However, there will always be some discomfort associated with laser hair removal in order to reap its advantages. Depending on the location being treated and your own pain threshold, the therapy may be uncomfortable. Share any worries you have with your physician.

How much pain does laser hair removal cause?

Laser hair removal uses small high-heat laser pulses to target hair follicles. While you may not feel the heat, you may get the sensation of your skin being snapped with a rubber band.

After the surgery, you may suffer slight pain, such as redness and irritation akin to a mild sunburn.

To some extent, the process may be uncomfortable. The amount of discomfort varies on the area of the body being treated with laser hair removal. The more delicate the skin is to begin with, the more painful the procedure will most likely be. You may not require any numbing cream at all depending on the body area and your pain tolerance. Prior to the surgery, your physician may apply a numbing lotion to your skin to reduce pain.

Does leg laser hair removal hurt?

Compared to other parts of the body, the legs experience modest pain with laser hair removal. This is due to the skin’s tendency to be thicker than in regions that are more delicate, like your face or bikini line.

However, depending on your level of sensitivity, some parts of your legs, such as your inner thighs as opposed to your shins, may hurt more throughout the treatment.

Is laser hair removal on the underarms and arms painful?

Because the skin is so thin, laser hair removal on the underarms is among the most painful body parts. Though the pain is far less severe throughout the rest of your arms, this isn’t always the case.

Is laser hair removal painful on the face?

The answer is dependent on which portion of the face is being treated with laser. Laser hair removal is more painful around the thin skin of the upper lip, whereas it is milder around the cheekbones and forehead.

Is laser hair removal painful on the bikini line?

Laser hair removal, like underarms, is more uncomfortable around the bikini line. The sensation is supposed to be comparable to waxing, however laser removal takes longer. However, you may find the discomfort worthwhile in the long run.

Does having laser hair removal on your stomach or back hurt?

The skin on your stomach is often thicker than that on your arms and skin, so laser hair removal doesn’t sting as much. But that’s not the situation with your back. Due to the enormous amount of hair in this area, back laser treatments can be as painful as those on the bikini line or underarms.

Alternatives to hair removal using lasers

Consider alternative hair removal options and how they compare in terms of discomfort and potential side effects if you’re not up for the potential pain or greater expense of laser treatments.


Shaving is likely the least unpleasant way to remove hair, barring any unintentional nicks. Use additional caution while applying shaving cream or gel to moist skin to lessen the possibility of razor burn.

Shaving poses less risks when done correctly, but because you’re merely eliminating hair from the skin’s surface, the effects don’t last very long.


Waxing can be as painful as laser hair removal, but it doesn’t last as long. This form of hair removal can persist for a few weeks, which is far longer than shaving but not as long as laser treatments. Following therapy, mild rashes and discomfort are likely.


In theory, these treatments are comparable to waxing, except they are applied as a cream or gel instead. They breakdown hairs and are then thoroughly washed away.

Because depilatories are chemically based, they have the most negative effects. Blisters, rashes, and burns are possible, and the acidic nature of these items may cause minor pain.


Plucking your hairs can last a little longer than any of the aforementioned hair removal techniques, but it is time-consuming. Along order to reduce skin irritation, it is vital to pluck in the direction of hair development rather than against it.


Electrolysis is a medical-grade procedure with better long-lasting outcomes than laser hair removal. It functions by radio frequency-destroying hair follicles. Rashes and swelling are two possible adverse effects, both of which are not unpleasant.

Avoiding certain areas for laser hair removal

Areas of the skin close to an open orifice are not suitable for laser hair removal. This includes the hair on your ears, inside of your nose, and around your genitalia.

The majority of modest side effects from laser hair removal happen after the operation. These consist of redness, swelling, blisters, scarring or hyperpigmentation that increases the risk of sunburn.

Although anaesthetic (numbing) creams can reduce discomfort, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises using them sparingly and only when absolutely required.

Excessive numbing cream use has been connected to life-threatening adverse effects. Discuss the advantages and hazards of numbing cream with your provider, especially if you’re getting repeated treatments.

Overall, numbing cream has been judged safe when administered by a specialist in tiny doses on small parts of the body.

You could also think about employing several types of lasers for hair removal treatments. One previous study discovered that alexandrite lasers, with or without numbing chemicals, are less uncomfortable.

It is also essential to get laser hair removal from a qualified practitioner. Although at-home laser kits are less uncomfortable to use, they are not guaranteed to be safe or successful in hair removal.

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