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Kid Playing in a water Fountain

Between the Jordan Valley Ice Park and Hammons Field at 635 E. Trafficway, downtown Springfield’s Jordan Valley Park is a lush green space. If you want to feel elevated, read below.

History of Jordan Valley Park

The park was created as a result of Springfield’s Vision 20/20 long-term plan, which sparked downtown regeneration in the 1990s and 2000s. The area was formerly a run-down industrial district. The 15-acre park’s 15 acres of open plazas, rolling hills, play structures, picnic spaces, walking routes, and the gushing Ozarks Stream and Fountain were all there when it first opened in 2002.

An All Season Park

My personal favourite time of year to visit Jordan Valley Park is during the summer since that is when the fountains are turned on. The fountains at the bottom of the hill encourage you to splash about and have fun—yes, you—because even grownups can enjoy themselves there. In the summer, they run every hour, for 30 minutes at a time. There is a man-made, lovely stream that flows up to and around the fountains, and on particularly hot summer days, you are welcome to dip in it to cool yourself. You will definitely enjoy the Summer SnowFest which is a specialty of this park.

In the fall, the Ozarks’ beauty is just breathtaking. Right here in the park, you may enjoy part of that beauty. This portion of the Jordan Greenway, which winds through Jordan Valley Park, is encircled by beautiful trees. The tree’s leaves change into exquisite tones of each fall colour as the season of autumn cools. You should without a doubt go to the park if you wish to have a pleasant fall stroll while breathing in the fresh air. In 417 land, a plethora of festivals also start up in the fall. Due to the park’s built-in amphitheatre, concerts are usually hosted there during certain events.

Most people don’t consider going to parks in the winter. Does anyone else out there become irritable as soon as they foot upon the icy tundra that is the Ozarks? But Jordan Valley Park is still a fantastic destination to explore in the winter! Providing you’re warmly dressed. Everyone may enjoy the park’s lit displays over the holiday season. They are worth the brisk trek and most definitely the short photo. In addition, Jordan Valley has a reputation for hosting some rather spectacular New Year’s Eve parties at the base of the hill.

This park, which spans 12 acres, is the ideal place to spread out a blanket for a nice spring picnic. In the spring, when the trees in the park start to bloom, the park is at its most gorgeous. Spend some extra time in the park ascending the route to the kinetic man sculpture in the nice springtime weather.

Things You Will Definitely Enjoy

Be sure to explore K-Man kinetic sculpture, Rotary Picnic Area and Outdoor Classroom, Springfield Wagon and climbing rock play areas, Creamery Arts Center, Jordan Valley Greenway and other undiscovered gems in the park.

Jordan Valley Park offers parking and free admission. For special events and rentals, the park and the terrace of the Jordan Valley Maintenance Building are both available.


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