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Founded in Springfield, Missouri, the Dickerson Park Zoo in 1922. About 500 animals from about 160 species are housed in the zoo. Located in Springfield, Missouri’s Dickerson Park, the zoo. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has accredited the Dickerson Park Zoo. As part of the AZA’s Species Survival Plan initiative, the DPZ takes part. There are five distinct geographic zones within the zoo. They are Missouri, USA, South Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America.

The Experience

Your children may go around and view everything at the Dickerson Park Zoo in roughly half a day because of its medium size. If you are inclined to take a few shots, you will undoubtedly take more time.

The zoo numbers the trails and correspond those numbers on the map, which is a pretty cool and practical thing that the administration has done. This will make locating your location within the zoo quite simple. To ensure you don’t miss anything, we advise you to use the map when navigating.

The first section you reach if you turn left after buying your entrance and entering the zoo is Africa. You will be in South America if you opt to turn right instead.

The Hippopotamus is the first kind found in Africa. There, two hippos spend their days having fun. The Red Ruffed Lemurs come next. The cutest deer are tufted deer. African Lions are on your right as you travel farther down the road. They typically spend their days relaxing and resting, carefree. Additionally, there are Warthogs, Giraffes, Zebras, Colobus Monkeys, Pancake Tortoises, and Lizards.

You will find a lone elephant. If you see it, don’t be upset; the zoo has a notice explaining why. The social order of the two surviving females was upset by the death of the herd matriarch in 2013, and now both of them aspire to be the dominant female. This prevents them from being together. Every day, the zoo puts a lot of effort into helping the two re-socialize. They spend a lot of time with a male elephant outside of the exhibit till then. So don’t worry; they are caring for them well.

Both the Siamang and Malayan Tigers are found throughout Asia. You will adore spending time watching them because they are such lovely animals.

Asia is followed by the Missouri portion. The shown species are indigenous to Missouri. The Mexican Grey Wolves and White-tail Deer come first. Then, as you round a curve in the route, you see two magnificent Mountain Lions (Cougars) standing guard over you (or cat napping). There is also habitat for bald eagles here. Bald Eagles may only be kept in zoos as part of rehabilitation programmes. They must return the Bald Eagle to the wild when he recovers.

The other sections have really a lot to offer as well such as Australia’s Red Kangaroos. You will beautiful animals in the South American and South Asian regions as well. All of them will really appreciate and love your visit.

The Concession Cafe

The Brush Country Café is a concession restaurant offered by the zoo. There is the typical concession fare there. The café is situated halfway between Australia and Africa. The café provides all the delicacies while you enjoy the view of the natural world.

The Zoo Herpetarium

The zoo herpetarium may be found as you proceed. The cultural immersion in the herpetarium was done really well by the Zoo. Visitors may see several types of reptiles at the zoo. Through cultural immersion, they can also explain where such animals are native.

The Missouri ecosystems in the zoo will really take your breath away. When you visit Springfield, Missouri’s Dickerson Park Zoo, I hope you take pleasure in it as much as anybody else.


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