What Is The Price Of CoolSculpting?

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Under the trade name CoolSculpting, fat cells are frozen during a non-invasive procedure called cryolipolysis to contour specific body parts. The technique to remove extra fat from the flanks or love handles was first approved by the FDA in 2010. Nine body parts can now be treated with CoolSculpting thanks to current regulations.

The average cost of treatment is $3,200, according to the CoolSculpting website. Multiple sessions and body parts may be involved in a treatment. Depending on the body part being treated and other variables, a single session of either the original one-applicator CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting Elite, which has two applicators to treat two areas simultaneously, may require multiple sessions. The cost of a single session can range from $600 to over $1,000.

CoolSculpting is typically not covered by insurance because it is a cosmetic procedure like liposuction and buccal fat removal. Some service providers might provide financing options to help cover the expenses.

What does CoolSculpting typically cost?

According to the official CoolSculpting website, a complete CoolSculpting treatment typically costs $3,200. Yet, a single session might cost anywhere between $600 and even $1,000. If you purchase numerous sessions at once, discounts could be available. For instance, when purchased as a package, certain medical spas in Houston offer treatments for $600 to $750 per. Depending on the number of sessions and the size of the applicator, treatments in Orlando might cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500. When a package of 12 treatments is purchased, the cost of a single session at a medical spa in Los Angeles falls to less than $500.

The number of treatments needed, the size of the treatment region, the kind and quantity of applicators used, and other variables all affect the price of CoolSculpting. For noninvasive fat removal procedures like CoolSculpting in 2020, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated an average physician charge of about $1,437. Being a cosmetic operation like liposuction and buccal fat removal, CoolSculpting is often not covered by insurance. To aid with cost-sharing, certain providers could give financing alternatives.

How much more than the standard costs does CoolSculpting actually cost?

Other factors can affect how much noninvasive fat-reduction procedures like CoolSculpting cost. Some of these factors include the cost of the treatment, the clinic’s location, and the usage of supplemental medical tools or technology, such as extra applicators in various sizes. Moreover, facility fees and other administrative costs may have an impact on the final price.

How long do the results of CoolSculpting last?

In a study, two men who had the procedure done solely on one side of their bodies demonstrated continued CoolSculpting effects 6 and 9 years after the operation, even when they put on weight. Although new fat can be produced, the procedure’s removal of fat cells ensures that they won’t grow back. Individual lifestyle variables, including as a good diet and frequent exercise, can have a significant impact on how successful CoolSculpting is over the long term. These characteristics may also produce the best long-lasting benefits.

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