Why You Should Visit Smallin Civil War Cave in the Ozarks

Man and Woman Looking Afar While Inside the Cave

The natural splendour and abundance of caves in the Ozarks are well known. They are a heaven for nature enthusiasts, complete with woods, mountains, lakes, streams, and caves. The Ozarks are one of the most beautiful locations to unwind and recover, and while there, one may enjoy some beautiful rental cabins there.

The Smallin Civil War Cave is one of the several caves nearby. A little distance south of Springfield, Missouri, and just outside of Ozark is where you’ll find the Smallin Civil War Cave. This cave has a fascinating history and offers a variety of tours, including wheelchair-accessible ones with engaging narration.

The Smallin Cave And Tours Of The Civil War

There were suspicions that the Smallin Civil War Cave had connections to the Civil War when it was first described in 1818 (by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft). The nearby Osage Tribe, the Irish troops, and the Civil War unit connected to the cave will all be discussed during the trip. In a manner that a self-guided tour would never be able to, the guided excursions really bring the cave to life and reveal its history.

The entrance to the cave is 100 feet broad and 55 feet tall, and it is now recognised as a historic area on the national register.

Smallin Civil War Cave provides guided tours. Reviews claim that they collaborate with the Osage Native American tribe in the area to maintain the historical accuracy of the website. They have taken their time to conduct their study and ensure that the data is correct and truthful.

Timings for Visits

Inquire with them personally about their hours during the winter months of January and February; they are open Monday through Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to 5.00 pm. They provide three tours in addition to private tours:

  • A one-hour cave tour with Stand
  • Visiting the Wild Cave
  • Tour of the Lanterns

Standard Smallin Civil War Cave Tour

One of the caves in the Ozarks that provides tours is the Smallin Civil War Cave. The hour-long trips cover around a half-mile distance. The good news is that the cave is wheelchair and even stroller friendly because there are no steps and the inclination is gentle. Visitors may also learn about gemstone and fossil mining by going to the Craw Fort and Sidewalk Museum while they are there. A gift shop is also close by.

The Wild Cave Tour

Going on a wild cave trip is an additional option for the Smallin Civil War Car excursion. These run for two hours and require reservations. Going off the normal road, they travel a mile underground. Experience the unnerving sensation of entering a cave that is only lighted by the helmet’s headlight.

Note that this tour requires participants to traverse over rocky terrain and wade into at least two feet of water that is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors must arrive wearing lace-up shoes and equipped with headlights and helmets; headlamps and helmets are available for rental.

Take a detour the next time you’re passing through Missouri and see this lovely area.


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