Mom and Rico’s Specialty Market

A woman enjoying the pasta

899 Main Street houses Mom and Rico’s Specialty Market. It might be the cliché of the year to suggest that Springfield’s Mom and Rico’s Specialty Market is a throwback. Rico Daniele and his sisters Gina and Rosamaria helped establish the market in the city’s South End in 1976.

They provide everything that makes you feel special, including handmade soups, spaghetti, sauces, subs, and sandwiches. Their exquisite buffet table truly is a work of beauty. They served a wide range of meals, mostly Italian fare. This is a fun-only location.


A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach can be found at Mom and Rico’s. Wine bottles, coffee beans, foreign speciality goods, and pastas are all over the shelves, and Rico has kept many old photographs and news clippings throughout the years, covering every inch of wall space.

You can quickly see why everyone frequents this restaurant after you try the meal. Grab a plate and serve yourself to Mom and Rico’s tantalising buffet of Italian classics for the greatest chance to try it all.

It’s all Italian

The restaurant serves a huge variety of food, including Italian meatballs, eggplant parm, zucchini, stuffed clams, and mussels in sauce. What makes it exceptional is the variety. It includes both modern and vintage dishes. It encompasses both Southern and Northern cuisine. Everything is obviously Italian. It appears that Specialty Market has maintained its love of Italian food over the years.

Specialty Market’s Specials

Pizzagaina is another daily dish made by Mom and Rico that is a holiday favourite. It resembles a calzone that has been crammed with cheese and meats. It has a tonne of flavour and is quite wonderful. It has a bit more substance than a calzone and is similar to a grinder or submarine.

The tender ricotta gnocchi are another beloved dish at Mom and Rico’s. Gina crafts them by hand, and watching her at work is amazing.

The meal known as Wild Pasta, which Rosamaria proudly prepares every day, may be the greatest item you can eat at Mom and Rico’s. Rosamaria invented the recipe herself. It’s stuffed with of Romano cheese, basil, garlic, pepperoni, and onions.

People seem to be just addicted to these foods and they take home whatever they can find from them and then they do tell the cooks about how it warmed their hearts.

Affordable Food

There are several alternatives loaded with Italian meats and cheeses if a sandwich is what you’re after. Large sandwiches are really affordable at $5.99. Pick up a traditional ham and cheese for a true dinner deal; it’s still available for the same price as it was on the restaurant’s first day. Since 1976, the pricing has mostly remained the same. They just preserved the sandwich’s $1.43 pricing because it was their original and what got them started. Having prices which are so affordable makes them feel loved by their customers.

Rico is obviously a person who enjoys looking after his clients. The only thing he likes more than that is the game of Bocce. He’s written a book about it and even constructed a Bocce court just outside the deli. When Rico isn’t working, you can usually find him there because, like an old-fashioned family-run deli, he believes Bocce brings people together.

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